Jagannath Padmanabhan

PhD Student
10 Amistad Street, Room 304
Amistad 304

Jagannath's family hails from Tanjavur, a town in South-India. He grew up in Bhubaneswar, the temple city. He graduated with a Bachelor of technology from Anna University, Madras and majored in Industrial Biotechnology. He moved to the states to pursue a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University, Ithaca.  At Cornell, Jagannath worked on engineering hydrogel-based biomaterials for bio-prosthetic heart valves.  He joined the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at Yale in Fall, 2011.

In the lab, he works on an interdisciplinary project “Bulk metallic glasses(BMGs) for Biomedical Applications” and is a part of Yale CRISP. Our collaborator, Jan Schroers’s lab specializes in fabricating bulk metallic glasses.  Jagannath’s project involves evaluating the biocompatibility of BMGs, and applying engineering and cell biology principles to develop BMGs for biomedical applications. Besides engineering, he loves coffee, going to the movies and has recently taken up tennis and rock climbing.

Quick Fact: Four languages and counting,