Sirjan Xhurxhi

MS Student
41 Woodford Ave Plainville CT 06062

My name is Sirjan Xhurxhi. I was born in Albania on April 8, 1988. My family and I moved to the United States in August, 2004 thanks to the Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2003) provided by the United States Government.

Upon arrival here to the United States as a high school sophomore, I finished my high school studies at Southington High School and graduated from there in June, 2007. Then I decided to pursue my college undergraduate studies at the University of Connecticut.

In 2010, during my junior to senior year in college, I completed a co-op experience with General Electric in Plainville, CT; after which I was offered a full time position starting June 2011.

In May 2011, I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and minor degrees in nanotechnology, mathematics, and physics.

During my undergraduate career I have performed a lot of research with Dr. John E. Ayers related to the heteroepitaxy of semiconductors. This consists of the single crystal growth of one semiconductor layer on top of another layer in order to grow defect free devices for multiple applications. Some of our articles have been published in the Journal of Applied Physics (JAP), Journal of Electronic Materials (JEM), and Applied Physics Letters (APL).

Currently, I am working at General Electric as part of the Edison Engineering Development Program through GE Energy Management. Concurrently, I am pursuing my terminal Master of Science degree at the Yale University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.