Daehwan Jung

PhD Student
15 Prospect, Becton center 515, New Haven, CT
15 Prospect, Becton center 515, New Haven, CT

I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2010 with Summa Cum Laude honor. I went back to South Korea for intership at Kyungpook National University for 6 months as a research engineer and worked for Hyundai Motors for 6 months. From 2011 August, I started my Ph.D. degree at Yale University. My areas of interest include molecular beam eptiaxy growths for photovoltaic devices, LEDs, and lasers with improved perfomance using strain engineering. Currently, I am working on

1) ARPA-E FOCUS project: AlInGaP/GaAs dual junction solar cells working at 400 C under 1000x sun concentration grown by MBE. I am working for developing high performance tunnel junction and hot temperature metal contacts for the solar cells.

2) NSF Tensile strained Ge nanowires in III-V matrix project: Growth/characterization of highly tensile-strained Ge nanowires grown in InAlAs/InP matrix. I am leading this project by MBE growth, TEM, Raman, and AFM measurements, with many collaborators from MIT, NCSU, UT, and Motreal Polytech.

3) Mid-Infrared laser diode with InAs QW project: Growth/fabrication of InAs QW laser diode using InAsP metamorphic graded buffers on InP substate. I am leading this project, from material growths and device fabrications. Recently, we have demonstrated 2.4 um InAs QW laser diode using novel cavity structure on InP substrate.