Matthew Paragano

PhD Candidate
9 Hillhouse Ave., M7, New Haven, CT 06511
Mason Lab, M7

I'm a third-year Ph.D. student in the Chemical Engineering department and I came to Yale from the aerospace industry.  I worked in Connecticut for three years post-graduation at Hamilton Sundstrand designing life support systems for spacecraft and submarines (2 years on the Orion Program, 1 year on AILPE).  Our motto was "keeping you alive at any altitude", and it was a thrill being exposed to so many different types of closed-atmosphere technologies.  

Looking to the future, I see myself as an entrepreneur, using my engineering skills to improve the world we live in.  In my free time, I volunteer for Tau Beta Pi (http://tbp.org/pages/About/Index.cfm), the Engineering Honor Society, as a New England Director.  I'm fascinated by nomographs, clocks and maple syrup.